Why should I bring my wife with me for a hearing screening?


Here’s a question I am asked several times a day.  “I’m an adult and I make my own decisions, why do you want me to bring in a loved one for my hearing screening?”

First of all, people with hearing loss are not the only ones affected by it. How frustrating is it to have a conversation with your significant other when they can’t hear you or when you can’t hear them?  I know first-hand that it causes a rift in any relationship when there’s a breakdown in communication.    In some situations, your Advanced Audiology Hearing Care Professional will help educate your significant other on communication strategies that will help you both be heard.

The providers will also use the familiar voice during the consultation to demonstrate how you are hearing them with and without hearing aids.

If loss is indicated during your testing process, the Hearing Care Professional will have you try on the latest digital hearing devices in our office.  At this point, your friend or family member’s voice would be used to help the doctor adjust the sound quality on the aids for your exact needs.  I recall a patient leaving here elated because his wife sounded like his young bride all over again after years of not being able to hear her voice well.

As you can see, hearing loss is a family matter and it’s a good idea to bring a friend or family member for moral support, to cheer you on through the process, and to help you remember all the information you will be given during your visit.




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